Complete Memory Training for Android Smartphones

Complete Memory Training is a FREE game for Android™, designed to improve your memory, which will in turn enhance your focus, recall, information retention, etc. With regular training you will notice the difference quicker than you think!


This game is meant to train four main types of your memory:

- Short-term memory (our primary or active memory which helps to form long-term memory)

- Working memory (one of the brain’s central components of reasoning and problem solving)

- Visual memory (responsible for storing previously experienced visual sensations)

- Spatial memory (responsible for recording one’s environment and spatial orientation)


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Best Tips for Developing Highly Effective Brains


You can maintain and improve your vibrant brains by adapting some good lifestyle options.

  1. Never stop learning. Get a new hobby and absorb yourself fully in it. Try to learn a new language. Enroll yourself in a refresher/evening course of your choice. The aim is to challenge your brain with fundamentally new actives. Your brains keep developing through your lifetime no matter how young or old you are. Have goals and aim high. After your brain develops new neurons, it is up to you, where they stay and how long they survive. When you master a new skill, you need to maintain it with practice, if you don’t want to lose in a few years. The options are endless; you only need to take action!
  2. Live on a healthy diet with nutrition rich foods. Make sure you get a good mix of grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy and protein foods. Limit yourself on fats, sugars and sodium. One of the best sites on this topic that we know of is from the United States Department of Agriculture –
  3. Stress and anxiety, no matter if from external events or your internal thoughts, kill your neurons and prevent the creation of new ones.  That’s why it is extremely important you practice having positive and future oriented thoughts. Try to create yourself daily tasks or events you look forward to.
  4. Travel and explore as much as you can (contrary to popular belief, traveling doesn’t have to be expensive – with a little research you can always find many affordable options). Visit different countries and learn about different cultures. Everyone, who traveled far away and experienced ‘exotic’ cultures, knows how rich and rewarding such an experience can be. Adapting to new locations and situations forces your brain to pay more much more attention to everything you do.
  5. Make your own decisions. While it’s certainly helpful to ask for other people’s opinions, don’t always make your decisions based on them. Decision making strengthens your character and if you make a mistake don’t worry about it. If you've learned something from it, it isn't a mistake anyway. That way, you are training your brain and not your friends, neighbors or anyone else’s.
  6. Try to form stimulating relationships. It’s ideal to combine physical and mental stimulation. Why not to take a walk with friends to discuss different topics? One interesting quote which comes to my mind is from Eleanor Roosevelt: “Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, great minds discuss ideas.” Social interaction involves many behaviors that require memory, attention and control.

Remember, what counts is taking action, not just reading this and other similar articles. Practice, until you internalize some, or all of these tips. Why not try something different today? :)






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This website is hosted by our favourite and most friendly web host - HostGator. Use “completememorytraining” coupon code for a 25% discount!
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