Complete Memory Training for Android Smartphones

Complete Memory Training is a FREE game for Android™, designed to improve your memory, which will in turn enhance your focus, recall, information retention, etc. With regular training you will notice the difference quicker than you think!


This game is meant to train four main types of your memory:

- Short-term memory (our primary or active memory which helps to form long-term memory)

- Working memory (one of the brain’s central components of reasoning and problem solving)

- Visual memory (responsible for storing previously experienced visual sensations)

- Spatial memory (responsible for recording one’s environment and spatial orientation)


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Improve Your Memory Significantly in 7 Simple Steps


You can significantly improve your memory by following these simple and easy to implement tips.


1. Eat healthy foods

Healthy foods include a lot of fruits and vegetables, as well as fibrous staples, such as whole meal bread and brown rice. Try to eat fish and other sea foods at least 2 to 3 times per week. Fish are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for keeping your brain power at maximum.


2. Get enough sleep

Most of us underestimate the power of a quality sleep. You should aim for at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep – and no, older people do not need to sleep less. This is just a myth. By sleeping enough, not only are you helping your body to heal itself and regain its strength, you are also doing a big favor to your brains. It is proven that people who sleep enough, have better memory than those, who sleep less than needed. Visit Help Me Sleep HQ website for great tips on improving your sleep or download their application which includes 15 sleep tracks with binaural beats and nature sounds.


3. Exercise regularly

There are far too many benefits of regular exercising to list them all here. Ideally, you should engage yourself in physical and cardiovascular exercising. For improving your brain, however, cardiovascular exercises will bring you more benefits. By raising your heart rate and keeping it there, your body will widen the arteries and allow more nutrients and oxygen to reach your brain. This alone can have a great impact on your brain and memory functions.


4. Learn new things

‘If you don’t use it, you lose it’ – there is good evidence that the brain needs ongoing stimulation to preserve its function and to protect against injury. So keep your brains engaged by reading a book, learning a new language, memorizing your shopping list, etc.


5. Play memory games

There is more and more evidence that the brain and memory training games have obvious effects on brain performance. If you don’t have time to read scientific report, you can skim through user comments, which are usually full of positive experiences. Our FREE memory training game is ideal for keeping your brain in top condition!


6. Socialize

Just as little as 10 minutes of conversation can improve your executive functions (working memory, self-monitoring and ability to suppress external and internal distractions). Having a relaxing (not ‘competitive’) conversation is like solving a puzzle, because a person tries to read the others mind and understand their perspective on issues.


7. Write things down

When you write something down, try not to use your computer, tablet or a smartphone, but write it down the old fashioned way. There is objective scientific evidence, that handwriting is a good cognitive exercise, which helps your brains to stay sharp. Magnetic resonance imaging shows that people, who use handwriting regularly, have better developed brain regions, which aid fine motor skill development.






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This website is hosted by our favourite and most friendly web host - HostGator. Use “completememorytraining” coupon code for a 25% discount!
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