Complete Memory Training for Android Smartphones

Complete Memory Training is a FREE game for Android™, designed to improve your memory, which will in turn enhance your focus, recall, information retention, etc. With regular training you will notice the difference quicker than you think!


This game is meant to train four main types of your memory:

- Short-term memory (our primary or active memory which helps to form long-term memory)

- Working memory (one of the brain’s central components of reasoning and problem solving)

- Visual memory (responsible for storing previously experienced visual sensations)

- Spatial memory (responsible for recording one’s environment and spatial orientation)


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Memory Training Benefits


Memory training rejuvenates your brain cells and enhances their ability to process and store everyday data.


Better memory will improve your focus; it will also help to control all kinds of distractions and keep your impulses in check. It will help students and business professionals alike - whether it’s a client’s name or a more polished presentation, or studying for an exam. 


Older adults, with regular memory exercising, will sharpen their brains and reduce the risk of memory loss.


There are four main memory types which you can train:


Short-term Memory

Short-term memory is our primary or active memory. It stores the information we are currently aware of or thinking about. On average, this memory can store 7 (plus/minus 2) items and is retained for 20 or 30 seconds. With conscious training, we can attain more items for longer, which then proceed to the long-term memory, thus memorizing more and for longer!


Working Memory

Working memory is one of the brain’s central components for reasoning and problem-solving. It helps to store and manipulate the information about the task on which you are currently working on. It also helps you to block out the distractions but keeps you aware about your surroundings.


Research suggests that exercising the working memory also helps to individuals, who have ADD / ADHD (difficulties with focusing, organizing, recall etc.). With training, ability to concentrate, impulse control and problem solving, improves considerably.


Visual Memory

Visual memory is responsible for storing previously experienced visual sensations and perceptions. Some studies suggest that as much as 80% of all learning takes place through the eyes and that the visual memory is crucial for storing information. Without a good development of visual memory, it is very difficult to learn; because visual memory is essential to learning (it entails working with pictures, symbols, numbers, words…).


Spatial Memory

Spatial memory is responsible for recording one’s environment and spatial orientation. It is crucial for navigating maps, understanding geographical layouts or even the interior of your friend’s house. It helps us to make our way around a new environment by remembering recognizable landmarks and try to remember their locations in space.




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This website is hosted by our favourite and most friendly web host - HostGator. Use “completememorytraining” coupon code for a 25% discount!
This website is hosted by our favourite and most friendly web host - HostGator. Use “completememorytraining” coupon code for a 25% discount!
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